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Subject: Consel wars
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towelie 7/21/2006 - 12:15:46
It looks like every1 predicted wrong. The PS3 acording to ppl wit long titles is going to lose the war. But wii is going to have a very storng chance due to the xbox 360's bad launch in japan and chine. But many people still believe the PS3 still has a chance, but in the end your decision lies with your pocket, the PS3 is coming in at a charming $500, quite a hefty price! *

trin1 9/15/2006 - 3:48:31
Ive made my choice. Xbox 360. I swear it had nothing 2 do with being able 2 access episodes of Battlestar Galactica b4 theyr on the net... Although the PS3 may impress me yet. Perhaps i'll buy that too... *

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