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Subject: AMD-ATI--Upcoming Graphics Revolution?
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sid 8/20/2006 - 12:08:50
This is all about the ATI-AMD merger..: Anyway on a serious note ..this all will get interesting in the future.. ATI maintains its license with Intel is still present and they are comitted to making Intel Based chipsets as well... and what about nvidia now that it stands alone in the market. How do industry an*lyst view this as the future of Graphics Technology? Despite speculations of Intel trying to stop this deal for avoiding a possible competitor in the future market ,though this may not happen .. How does NVIDIA view this? Anyway Nvidia been saying this AMD/ATI deal is good for them since it makes them the only single only graphics processor and core logic company that supports both Intel and AMD processors. pretty strong claim i say.... Discuss. *

sarahsss 8/25/2006 - 11:50:09
:-) I will have 2 agree wit Nvidia..not much 2 discuss is there? *

bj341 3.12.08 - 12:57am
Can anybody tel me what is all about. *

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